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The innovative Heat Pump Technology works on Refrigerant Reversed Carnot Cycling; Absorbing heat from the atmosphere (free from sun).

Energy saving is the common topic in the world.

We develop most advanced energy-saving heat pumps and air conditioning products on environmental friendly basis: Air to water Heat pump heater, heat recovery heat pump, heating cooling with DHW air source heat pump, heating cooling with DHW function water source heat pump heater, Swimming pool heat pump heater, DC inverter air conditioner, Duct air conditioner, Ceiling cassette air conditioner. With our long years experience in heat-pump technology, we make full use of the energy from the recyclable resource like air, water and so on. It brings a revolution to the energy-saving industry.

Complete isolation between water and electricity. No potential electric shock problem. No fuel tubes and storage, no potential danger from oil leakage, fire, explosion etc.

High efficiency
Adopts heat pump principle, which absorbs heat from outdoor air and produces hot water, thermal efficiency can up to 450%.

Energy saving
Power consumption comparison under the same condition to heat 1 ton from 15 to 55 degree.

All weather running
Ambient temp: -30 to 43℃, not affected by night, overcast sky, rain and snow.

Automatic Control
Automatic start-up and shutdown, automatic defrosting without need to attend by special person.

Environment friendly
No discharge of poisonous gas. No pollution to atmosphere and environment.

Easily operate
User-friendly LCD display for easy interaction.

Easy for installation and maintenance
Just need to connect water pipes.